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Working at the INP

We enable and encourage our employees to achieve outstanding results and to improve their knowledge, skills, and capabilities. We place great value on participation in decisions concerning the development of the employees, as well as their achievement objectives.

Career planning

In employee interviews that take place yearly, together with you we plan together an individual extension of your technical and personal competencies and give you feedback concerning your performance and potential. Together we agree on objectives for your personal development and support you in achieving these objectives. You can participate in external continuing education courses and internal qualification measures, such as language courses, project management courses, and personality training.

At the INP, young scientists find optimal conditions for further development: We integrate you in projects and support your participation in mentoringprograms, such as "Leibniz Mentoring" or "Future through Advancement". You can present your scientific work at national and international conferences and seminars and thus consolidate your role in the scientific community. Additionally, we can enable long-term stays at partner institutes.

For postgraduate students a structured workflow of the doctoral thesis in consultation with the scientific support person is defined, which likewise includes attendance at international conferences as well as stays abroad at partner institutes.

Intensive support of new employees / foreign employees

With personal, individual support our new employees are more effectively brought up to speed in their new workplaces, technically and personally. A colleague from the same research focus area or from the same scientific department, in close collaboration with the Research Focus Director, or the Department Manager is at your side for the initial training. If there are administrative questions, colleagues from the science-supporting departments always have a listening ear.

Mentoring programs

All INP employees can participate in mentoring programs that are adapted to individual career perspectives. The INP offers the Leibniz Mentoring particularly for junior scientists and the cross-mentoring program "Future through Advancement" especially for employees from the administrative and science-supporting area.

Boundary conditions

The INP has outstanding laboratory equipment, which in some cases is unique worldwide.

The INP works worldwide, networked in international projects and cooperations. International cooperation is an essential prerequisite for successful scientific work. For our scientists we enable an international exchange, for example with the following offerings

Research stays at partner institutes

To enable scientists to consolidate and extend their role in science and their position at the INP we can send you to international research institutions with continued salary payment.

Participation at international conferences and seminars

International conferences and seminars enables scientists to present their research results to a large technical audience and thus position themselves in the scientific community. Consequently, we enable participation in a variety of events for our employees.

International cooperations

Intensive exchange with the scientists of our partner institutes achieves a scientific added value in our common research work. With guest presentations of partner institutes or also workshops at partner institutes we exchange skills and knowledge.   



As a family-friendly enterprise we offer our employees extensive flexibility for working times, we offer home office and support in the planning of childcare or care of family members in need of care.

Flexible organization of working time and work location

For our employees, we facilitate the reconciliation of career and family through flexible working time, which our employees can individually organize their work day around the core work time. We schedule Institute events in the core work time so that all employees can participate.

We also offer the possibility of home office and have established the technical prerequisites in this regard. For our employees this enables an individually structured workday, which is appreciated by our scientists for execution of research and preparing their work for publication. Flexible work time and home office.

Support in obtaining childcare or care of family members with special needs

We offer our employees support in obtaining childcare or care of family members with special needs. We have direct contact with civic institutions and can quickly find a solution.

Total E-Quality rating 2014

Award-winning commitment for equal opportunity at the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology. For the exemplary Institute culture of equal opportunity the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and technology (INP Greifswald) has been honored with the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the years 2015 to 2017. This award is conferred by the TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V.

The jury's substantiation states: "The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology is actively committed to equal opportunity of women and men and provides family-friendly work conditions to recruit the best researchers in their field and to promote their loyalty to the Institute with its scientific potential And in addition: "Increasing the proportions of women, particularly on the management level, poses major challenges for the Institute with its engineering and natural science profile and its specific location and competitive conditions." With great commitment the INP Greifswald will also pursue this objective in the future and will incorporate the existing excellent cooperation with the surrounding colleges in its efforts to achieve this objective. A re-application has been submitted for the years 2018 to 2020. 

The rating was developed with the assistance of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMB) and the European Union and is awarded for exemplary action in the spirit of personnel management that is aligned to equal opportunity. 

TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. was founded in 1996 in Frankfurt am Main and initially was oriented to commercial enterprises. To date, approximately 250 organizations have been recognized. Since 2001 research institutions and colleges can also compete for the award.  

Gender Equality Officer:
Dr. Christine Zädow
Tel.: +49 3834 - 554 3914


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