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The project described below receives financial support from the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Establishment of an early diagnosis of inflammatory changes in the sole of the foot for wound prevention

There is currently no general concept for the diagnosing of inflammation/wounds - it is usually up to the clinics how they conduct diagnostic procedures. Often, a visual analysis of the inflammation or wound situation and the determination of inflammation parameters in the blood is the first line of action.

In addition to the successful use of the intelligent insole, developed by OT-aktiv GmbH, the early diagnosis of inflammation is another aspect of this study and the interdisciplinary work of the Karlsburg Diabetes Competence Center at the Karlsburg Hospital. If this study can prove the intended improvement in the diagnosing of inflammation through the newly developed insoles, this would be an enormous advance for many diabetes patients with a high risk of developing a diabetic foot syndrome, as the development of chronic wounds can be avoided in good time. Eliminating the need for hospital stays with their pricey treatments would relieve both the clinics and the health insurance companies, and thus lead to substantial financial savings in the healthcare system.

Scientific-technical management:
Dr. Kai Masur
Phone: +49 3834 554 3322