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Thalita Mayumi Castaldelli Nishime successful in the Thesis Award 2020 of São Paulo state university

Thalita Mayumi Castaldelli Nishime has won three prizes at the Thesis Award 2020 of São Paulo State University! She was awarded for the "Best Video", for the "Best Dissertation from the Materials and Technology Category" and for the "Best Dissertation from all 7 Disciplines".

In 2019 the young physicist had defended her doctoral thesis at São Paulo State University. In her doctoral thesis she dealt with the development and characterization of endoscopic (long and flexible) plasma jets. These enable them to be introduced into cavities and objects. This makes them particularly suitable for use in the medical field.

São Paulo State University has selected the best doctoral candidates in each category and nominated one candidate for the Thesis Award 2020. Thalita Nishime has produced a video showing her doctoral thesis.


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