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Physics for Food Harvest Winter Barley Trial Field Zinzow

Last week, the first winter barley was harvested, which had been grown on trial fields in Zinzow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as part of the Physics for Food project. The consortium is researching environmentally friendly physical technologies for agriculture as an alternative to chemical seed dressings. For test purposes, one part of the seed was treated with physical plasma and another part with classic chemical dressing. The treatment with cold plasma rids the seeds of pathogens and makes them germinate better.

Physics for Food is also researching methods that can protect plants from the consequences of climate change using physical methods. For this purpose, plants are treated with UV light to make them more robust against droughts and floods. The use of plasma-treated water, with which plants were sprinkled, was also tested. This method also serves to equip the plants against the consequences of climate change. The crop yields and the quality of the individual test series are now being examined and compared in the laboratory. The environmentally friendly technologies could be used in agriculture in just a few years.

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