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Environment and Health

The research area, Plasmas for Environment and Health focuses on interdisciplinary topics and uses the synergies of its three research priorities: Bioactive surfaces, plasma medicine and decontamination. The atmospheric pressure plasma sources, such as dielectric barrier discharges, jet plasmas, microwave plasmas, and microplasmas that can be extensively investigated experimentally constitute an essential connecting link in this regard. The close cooperation of physicists, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, physicians, and engineers with highly specialized technicians, as well as laboratory specialists is unique worldwide.      

Plasma medicine focuses on basic research of the mechanisms of interactions of physical plasmas with living cells and tissues. In addition, research and introduction of new plasma-based methods in medicine are driven forward. In the research focus area Bioactive Surfaces, the emphasis is on custom-tailored surfaces for applications in the life sciences. An additional emphasis is plasma-based decontamination; in this focus area research is mainly directed towards exhaust air scrubbing, disinfection of food products and water disinfection

Bioactive Surfaces

Due to material-related deficits in specific surface properties, the materials used in biotechnology, medical technology, and pharmaceutical materials require the use of different technologies for surface modification.


Plasma Medicine

Plasma medicine is a new, innovative research field at the interface between physics and the life sciences, which in the last few years has experienced an immense international upswing.



This research focus area deals with development and optimization of plasma-based processes for decontamination and hygiene for environmental protection, for occupational and personal Health & Safety, in food hygiene and in medical facilities.




Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology
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Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Weltmann
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Division Manager of Environment and Health

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