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Junior Research Groups

The INP promotes young researchers at all levels of the institute and beyond. In the competition for the "best minds", the promotion of young talent in all fields of activity is a particular concern of ours. With our application-oriented basic research, we inspire the next generation of scientists to work on topics relevant to society as a whole. We enable concrete experiences in research and in cooperation with industrial partners. 
The junior research groups at INP are self-financed on the one hand, and on the other hand they emerge from funding phases of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the ZIK plasmatis. 
The two groups "Plasma Wound Healing" and "Plasma Source Concepts" from the first funding phase have now been consolidated at INP and integrated as independent research groups. The successful research work of the ZIK plasmatis is now continued in a second funding phase by the two junior research groups "Plasma Liquid Effects" and "Plasma Redox Effects". 
In close cooperation with the scientific advisory board, the decision of a self-financed junior research group was made in favour of the group "Biosensory Surfaces" under the leadership of Dr. Katja Fricke.


ZIK plasmatis -
Plasma Redox Effects

The Junior Research Group "Plasma Redox Effects" conducts basic research at the interface of different research disciplines. These include redox biology, plasma medicine, oncology and immunology. We work with tumor and immune cells in two- and three-dimensional cell culture models, primary cells, animal models and patient samples.



ZIK plasmatis - Plasma Liquid Effects

The aim of the Junior Research Group "Plasma-Liquid Effects" is to better understand the complexity of the chemical processes in aqueous liquids excited by plasma and to control them in a targeted manner.



Biosensing Surfaces

The junior research group Biosensory Surfaces deals with the development and characterization of novel functional layers for sensors in the life science area (e.g. medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology).