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Research Groups

Plasma Wound Healing


The "Plasma Wound Healing" research group deals with the question: Is the wound healing-promoting effect of cold plasmas dependent on the aetiology of the wounds or also on the spectrum of microbiological colonisation?




Materials for Energy Technologies


The Research and Development Group Materials for Energy Technologies (MET) is a multi-disciplinary team in the science triangle of plasma technology, materials and chemical engineering, whose goal is to develop cost-effective and scalable synthesis routes for the production of nanomaterials and thin films for the storage and conversion of renewable energy.




Plasma Source Concepts


The research group "Plasma Source Concepts" emerged from the former junior research group "Extracellular Effects". In its work, it will focus on the following questions: Is it possible to design plasma sources optimally adapted to specific medical applications on the basis of the available findings, or can new concepts be developed for specific applications?




Plasma Agriculture


The research group "Plasma-Agriculture" develops innovative plasma processes with the aim of increasing the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stress factors, but also to increase growth and yield.