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2D Materials

Two-dimensional (2D) materials possess extraordinary electronic, optical, chemical and thermal properties and are currently experiencing a high level of interest in various scientific disciplines. In addition to inorganic 2D materials, such as transition metal disulfides or hexagonal boron nitride, graphene in particular is increasingly being researched as a high-performance material and used in many areas, including energy conversion and storage. Our team is developing a low-cost rapid bottom-up plasma-in-liquid (PiL) process of few-layer graphene from alcohol in the AiF network BiS Net - Fuel Cells in Series. We are investigating a top-down PiL process for the synthesis of 2D materials by exfoliation in the Leibniz competition funded project CarMON together with our partners INM and MPIE.

2D nanohybrids of metal oxide and carbon for batteries and supercapacitors