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BiS-Net Fuel Cells in Mass Production

Mass production of marketable components and fuel cell systems for portable and stationary applications in Germany.

INP is a member and topic leader of MEA development in the ZiM network BiS-Net Brennstoffzellen in Serie (fuel cells in mass production) - a cooperation of companies and research institutions. For the last two years, INP has been carrying out ZiM and IGF projects in close collaboration with the institute partner ZBT - Zentrum für Brennstoffzellenforschung (Center for Fuel Cell Research) in Duisburg - and a number of entrepreneurs. Multi-target magnetron sputtering processes for the cost-effective production of corrosion-resistant platinum-based electrodes for the polymer fuel cell and highly active Raney nickel-type electrodes for electrolyzers are developed, processed by the partners in specially developed membrane electrode units and finally, tested in use. Furthermore, a ZiM project for the development of a large-scale atmospheric plasma process for the synthesis of ultra-pure graphene started in 2017, as part of the BiS-Net. The graphene is produced from organic precursors and subsequently further processed as a suspension product in the MEA manufacturing process.

Project manager:
Dr. Angela Kruth
Tel.: +49 3834 554 3860