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CAMPFIRE - Wind and Water to Ammonia – Maritime Fuel and Energy Storage for a Zero-Emission Future

CAMPFIRE is a research and development project within the frame of the funding program WIR!- Wandel durch Innovation in der Region [regional development by innovation] of the BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research.  Aim of the project is the development of new technologies for generation of green ammonia by means of renewable energy and its utilization as a future maritime shipping fuel.  Other applications of green ammonia are in stationary energy storage and generation and chemical industry such as carbon-free production of fertilizers. 

Regionally produced wind and solar energy will be stored in the hydrogen carrier ammonia and applied as a carbon-free fuel in innovative gas engines and fuel cells for zero emission shipping.  The region North-East will advance to an industrial region with small and medium enterprises pioneering know-how and zero emission production facilities for new green ammonia technologies.

A global energy economy based on the hydrogen carrier green ammonia will finally enable reliable carbon-free energy supplies. In mid- and long-term, effective and economically viable routes for reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide are established.

Detailed information about the project:

Speaker and Coordinator:
Dr. Angela Kruth
Tel.: +49 3834 554 3860