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Plasma Source Concepts

The research group "Plasma Source Concepts" emerged from the former junior research group "Extracellular Effects". In its work, it will focus on the following questions: Is it possible to design plasma sources optimally adapted to specific medical applications on the basis of the available findings, or can new concepts be developed for specific applications? With the basic research findings now available, there is a sound scientific approach to designing new plasma sources that are tailored to clinical needs. The work of the research group "Plasma Source Concepts" should lead to fundamentally new findings. For example, it is to be analysed how the components generated by the plasma adjust so that the biological processes can be modulated. Here, there is a direct interaction with the work of the NWG "Plasma Liquid Effects and Plasma Redox Effects". The research concept of the research group "Plasma Source Concepts" includes the development of novel source concepts for plasma generation via the targeted control of electrons, thus enabling direct control of plasma chemistry and new source geometries. In order to achieve the desired goals, the group works closely with the Competence Center Diabetes Karlsburg. In addition, various industrial contacts and projects are integrated into the work in order to confront and adapt the concepts with application requirements from the manufacturers at an early stage.


Concept study for the treatment of liquid with plasma
Cylindrically symmetrical high voltage electrode in a long tube
Cylinder-symmetric high-voltage electrode structuring of the plasma attachments

Head of Research Group "Plasma Source Concepts":
Dr. Torsten Gerling
Phone: +49 3834 - 554 3852