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Gender Equality

Equal opportunities, non-discrimination, family-friendliness and the reconciliation of family and professional life are core components of our mission statement and the institute’s culture on all organisational levels. The INP actively promotes equal opportunities of women and men, as well as for people with special needs, and supports its employees with tailored personnel development measures. The INP offers its employees a family friendly working environment, allowing a balance between family and professional life e.g. by offering individual working hours and individual workplace arrangements. As a family friendly organisation, we offer our employees extensive flexibility regarding their working hours, home office solutions and support in the planning of childcare or care of dependent family members.


Flexible working hours and workplace arrangements

We facilitate the reconciliation of career and family for our employees through flexible working hours in form of flexitime, whereby our employees can individually organise their workday around the core time. For all employees to be able to participate, we schedule institute events during the core time. We also offer the possibility of home office, having established the technical prerequisites in this regard. This allows our employees an individually structured workday and is often used by our scientists for the conducting of research and the writing up of publications.


Support in obtaining childcare or care for dependent family members

We offer our employees support in obtaining childcare or care for dependant family members. Together, we contact the local institutions to quickly find a solution. We also support employees with small children in need of short-term childcare, for them to be able to participate in scientific conferences to further their career.


Parent-child room

Additionally, we have set up a separate parent-child room in our institute with child-friendly playing and sleeping facilities, offering our employees an option to bridge gaps in child-care. The room is open to all employees and a suitable retreat for nursing.


Support for participation in trainings

For the participation in trainings and seminars, the gender equality officer has funds for the targeted support of female staff. This includes the costs of the successful application for a mentoring programme.


Total E-Quality rating


The INP was awarded with the Total E-Quality certificate. After 2014, the institute received the prestigious award for the third time in 2020, recognising its efforts in creating equal opportunities between the sexes in the field of science. "The active and well established gender equality work" as well as "a significant development in the field of equal opportunities" justifies the renewal of the award as the jury saw it. TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. aims at establishing equal opportunities in economy, science and politics and at implementing them sustainably. This aim is achieved once talent, potential and competences of all genders are equally recognised, considered and supported - a high standard, especially for the personnel policy. The certificate remains valid for 3 years. Afterwards, the INP can apply again. The award was developed with the assistance of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Union for exemplary action and conduct in respect of a personnel management facilitating equal opportunities. TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. was founded in 1996 in Frankfurt am Main and was intended for business enterprises at first. To date, approximately 250 organizations have been certified. Since 2001, research institutions and colleges can also apply for the award.


Gender Equality Officer:

Dr. Christine Zädow

Phone: +49 3834 - 554 3914



Deputy Gender Equality Officer:

Uta Header-Schult (interim)

Phone: +49 3834 - 554 3851





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