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INP as employer

We can only realize our vision of becoming the most important competence center for plasma technology in Europe with motivated and high-performance employees. Hence the philosophy of the Institute has been designed to offer each employee the best possible working conditions and to offer plenty of space for personal development. Thanks to flexible working time models and the compatibility of career and family, a lived culture of openness and collegiality, the use of personal mentors, as well as a variety of external and internal training programmes, we are one of the most outstanding employers within the research landscape in Germany. We offer the ideal conditions so that you can develop your full potential. These framework conditions also include our internationality, a cornerstone of the institute. Our research activity takes place in a global context; we develop technologies for the rapidly growing markets of the future. In this dynamic environment you have all the opportunities to build a successful career. At the same time, you benefit from our worldwide network. We encourage research stays abroad, for example in the form of a posting to partner institutions or by providing support in applying for grants. You will also find an international and inter-cultural atmosphere at your future workplace: our employees come from a total of 22 countries. In creating attractive conditions, we also place great value on the compatibility of work and family life. You are given space whenever necessary: to care for children or relatives, to flexibly plan your work time, or to work on concrete projects from home. We will help you to combine career and family life successfully. Our efforts to produce equality of opportunity between genders in research have already been honored third times, in 2013 and 2017 and 2020 with the "Total E-Quality” award. The award highlighted the "active and well-institutionalized gender equality work" of the INP.

Quote - R. Erler concerning the work at INP:

"We have a modern and outstanding technically equipped building that is subject to constant change. Thus, my work is extremely varied."

Quote – C. Siedler concerning the work area Project Coordinator – ZIK plasmatis:

"It is interesting and nice at the same time to be able to accompany such extensive projects right from the start and to see the work groups, as well as the necessary infrastructure grow, and thus be able to participate in the success of the project."

Quote - D. Loffhagen concerning plasma modeling:

"This department demonstrates that science is a symbiosis of theory and praxis. What fascinates me about plasma modeling is the fact that with equations, computers, and in-house developed software or purchased software, you are capable of describing complicated relationships in plasma applications. […]"

Quote – E. Kindel concerning the Plasma Radiation Department:

"Cross-generational teamwork and dependability were imperative all the years and they were the guarantors for successful development of the Plasma Radiation Department."

Quote - J. Berger:

"Here at the INP, the research and development work is the top priority. Research sets the tone."

Quote – J. Kolb concerning the INP:

"The INP is unrivaled as an institution. Through the quality of its work it has become a world-famous institute – the last part of the word is meant literally.

Quote – M. Rosolski concerning his work at the INP:

"What I find particularly positive about my work is the fact that at INP advanced technologies are used and thus the Institute can very effectively keep pace with other computer centers of larger research facilities."