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Research Service

INP bundles basic research services in central departments that work for all research programmes and research groups as well as for external clients from industry. This creates synergy effects and deepens core competencies. Organised into three cooperative departments, experts provide support in the construction of plasma sources, in modelling through data science and in the field of plasma life science.

In addition, INP offers diagnostic services for external clients on all aspects of plasma in a large number of application laboratories with outstanding technical equipment.


Plasma Life Science

Plasma Life Science is concerned with investigations into the fundamentals and application of cold atmospheric pressure plasma in the field of life sciences.



Application laboratories

A large number of laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment offer external clients comprehensive services for analyses in the field of plasma technology and its application.



Plasma Sources

The development and characterisation of plasma sources and systems represents a core competence of the INP. Special emphasis is placed on activities for the development of atmospheric pressure plasma systems.



Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The INP has potential innovative and patentable technologies for the future protected by patents and utility models.are you looking for specific plasma technologies? Then please contact us.



Plasma Modelling & Data Science

The modelling of plasma sources and processes plays a central role in the field of plasma research and technology development. Based on extensive parameter studies, model calculations and simulations enable the targeted optimisation of technological plasmas and the development of new applications.