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The center for innovation competence (ZIK) plasmatis, which was in December 2009, represents the unique combination of interdisciplinary fundamental research, which combines the expertise of bio chemists, pharmacists and physicists based on the model of wound healing. The ZIK plasmatis investigates to what extent cell activity can be influenced by physical cold plasmas. Two junior research groups ("cellular effects" and "extracellular effects") were established, in order to investigate the direct and indirect interaction of cold plasmas with cells. The fundamental research of plasmatis will, in the mid and long term, provide important incentives – not only for new therapeutic possibilities in chronic wound treatment, but also for a variety of other biological and medical applications in plasma physics. This topic is of outstanding scientific importance and economic relevance.  The work of ZIK plasmatis exceeds the purely empirical and experimental plasma treatment and also includes a fundamental understanding of the plasma-wound-interaction. The objective of the project is a detailed understanding of complex interaction processes and basic mechanisms.


Field of Application


  • Fundamental research plasma medicine
  • Applied research plasma medicine
  • Wound healing
  • Transfer of research results to further medical applications, e.g. tumor therapy
  • Plasma source development
  • Optimization and adjustment of plasma sources