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Management Support – Research Management

Modern research institutions demand for professional research management. Therefore, the INP established a separate department, the "Management Support" (Stab) in 2007. In matters that involve research strategy and patent issues the Board of Directors, the Heads of the Research Divisions and the Heads of the Research Programmes consult the Management Support. The department has the task of advising and supporting INP scientists in raising external funds. In this regard, the Management Support informs on new funding directives, and it is jointly responsible for preparing project proposals. Moreover, the department supports transfer of technology and knowledge, as well as process management. In addition to executing its own projects, the Management Support is also responsible for external communications. 

About half of the budget of the INP is third party funds competitively received from federal and state ministries, European Union, DFG, and Industry. The Management Support department supports the scientific departments with acquiring third-party funds, identifies suitable funding programmes on local, regional, national and international level, and checks internally the eligibility of project ideas. The department assists the scientists with preparing and submitting project proposals, in particular with creating and formulating project ideas, preparing plans for resources, schedule and work, designing budget plans and considering funding politics. The Management Support acts from the point of view of funding agencies, and contributes to raise the quality of INP project proposals. 


The "Management Support" is responsible for the external communication and organizes events and marketing activities of the INP. In the area of public relations the department distributes press releases, is in touch with journalists, takes care for visitors, organizes events and designs INPs print and online contents, for instance promotional material, the institutes website, and social media channels. Regularly the INP hosts national and international conferences, symposia, workshops, and networking events. Here, the Management Support assists planning, organizing, and implementing. Our work in the area of graphic design covers the conception, design and production of our print and digital media – from corporate design, via flyer, brochures, graphical animation, and illustrations and graphics for publications, we offer our scientists a broad spectrum. The overall principle is a targeted communication to our stakeholder in Industry, Science, Politics, and the broader public – and the communication to our students. 

The aim of the INP is to exploit its research results to products and/or technologies for the use in industry, or to transfer the results via spin-off companies. To support this, a position of a patent manager is part of the Management Support department. The patent manager serves all issues regarding intellectual property and inventions (patents, utility models, trademarks) in close cooperation with external patent law offices. In addition, the patent manager organizes and heads the meetings of the patent-board, the main decision-making body regarding IP rights and its strategy at INP. The patent-board consist of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and scientific director, the financial director, and the head of the Management Support department.

The Management Support takes care for coordination of large-scale projects by providing a project coordinator. These coordinators serve as contact between the scientists, the INP administration and the respective funding agencies. The main tasks of the coordinator is to prepare decision documents regarding budget planning and controlling the projects resources, to organize meetings of the project boards and scientific workshops, and to design the external appearance. The coordinator ensures regular communication between the project staff member, builds up networks to industry and research institutions and prepares reports. In doing so, large-scale projects are optimal assisted and supported.

The in­sti­tu­te's mot­to – FROM IDEA TO PRO­TO­TY­PE – out­li­nes both the sta­tu­to­ry mis­si­on to con­duct ap­p­li­ca­ti­on-ori­en­ted ba­sic re­se­arch and the uti­liza­t­i­on of re­se­arch re­sults.

The INP car­ri­es out pro­jects from pu­blic re­se­arch fun­ding to in­crea­se the know­ledge for so­ci­al­ly re­le­vant to­pics. The re­sults of the­se pro­jects are con­ti­nuous­ly pu­blis­hed by the in­sti­tu­te in peer-re­view­ed jour­nals, at na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal con­fe­ren­ces and at events for the ge­ne­ral pu­blic.

For ap­p­li­ca­ti­on-re­le­vant to­pics of eco­no­mic in­te­rest, INP cont­ri­bu­tes his know­ledge in terms of a ser­vice pro­vi­der for cust­o­m­er so­lu­ti­ons. The­se most­ly bi­la­te­ral in­dus­tri­al pro­jects help our busi­ness part­ners to be­ne­fit di­rect­ly from the most re­cent know­ledge of the re­se­arch at INP.

As the first in­sti­tu­te of the Leib­niz As­so­cia­ti­on at all, INP foun­ded for its tech­no­lo­gy trans­fer its own firm: neo­plas GmbH (www.​neoplas.​eu). It acts as a se­cond part of the three-step mo­del de­ve­l­o­ped by the in­sti­tu­te. Ac­cor­ding to the mot­to "From Pro­to­ty­pe to Pro­duct", la­ter pi­lot cust­o­m­ers are in­vol­ved in the de­ve­lop­ment work, for ex­amp­le.

If cer­tain uti­liza­t­i­on ac­tivi­ties ha­ve pro­ved to be eco­no­mi­cal­ly via­ble, they can lead to fur­ther spin-offs. Know­ledge, which is eco­no­mi­cal­ly ex­ploi­ta­ble and shall in­iti­al­ly not be of­fe­red as costu­mer so­lu­ti­on, could be de­ve­l­o­ped up to mar­ket rea­di­ness in a new spin-off that way: "From Pro­duct to Mar­ket".

Further information regarding scientific services, equipment, methods, qualifications, technologies and patents of the INP could be found at the Leibniz Transfer Portal: (in german).